Solemn promise: We will strictly keep confidential the information of the drawings and files between new and old customers. No matter whether there is cooperation or not, we will never leak the customer drawings to those who have nothing to do with the project!
Closed management, each door is equipped with access control and monitoring, the office area, customer reception area and production area are completely isolated to avoid information leakage
Image file control
All customer files are protected by security software and cannot be read without authorization. The company cannot access the Internet except for the management computer that needs to communicate with the outside world. The USB ports of all computers are disassembled or shielded. All image files will be destroyed after being kept for 3 months!
Customer visit
In principle, no customer is allowed to enter the workshop to visit. Due to the necessity of the factory audit, we can relax the restrictions appropriately, but it is not allowed to bring equipment with camera and video recording devices into the workshop. We will notify the management personnel in advance to conceal sensitive information such as drawings and prototypes of the relevant categories of the inspection customers.
Non-disclosure agreement
In order to protect the rights and interests of customers, we can sign a "Confidentiality Agreement" according to the needs of customers
Concord pledge
Will strictly abide by commercial confidential information, whether written, oral, graphic, electromagnetic or any other form of information, to ensure that proprietary information does not infringe any third party's intellectual property rights and other rights.
Cooperation consensus
The Union will inform and require its employees involved in this work to abide by the provisions of this agreement in an appropriate manner. If the employees involved in this work violate the provisions of this agreement, the company shall be jointly and severally liable.

Triple guarantee, proofing is more assured

Security software
<p>Drawings cannot be opened without authorization</p>

Drawings cannot be opened without authorization

Non-disclosure agreement
<p>Protect your intellectual property by law</p>

Protect your intellectual property by law

Access control system
<p>Non-related personnel are not allowed to enter the workshop at will</p>

Non-related personnel are not allowed to enter the workshop at will


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