What details should Shenzhen prototype manufacturers pay attention to when painting
Date: 2022-09-13
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What details should Shenzhen prototype manufacturers pay attention to when painting

When the manufacturer processes the prototype, there will be many details that need to be paid attention to, otherwise a prototype model will be wasted. Among them, Shenzhen prototype manufacturers need to pay attention to many details when painting, so as to avoid poor painting effect. Next, let's take a look at the precautions for prototype painting with Shenzhen prototype manufacturers.

According to the specific production site conditions of Shenzhen prototype manufacturers and the surface conditions of the workpieces treated by the prototype, the main purpose of the physical means adopted is to eliminate the control factors affecting the treatment quality and cycle in the chemical treatment, and to maintain the service life of the chemical preparations. Such as: manual scrubbing and removing (mainly using wire brushes and emery cloths) for the surface of the new products to be treated with excessive oil, dust, iron filings, lump rust, rust and excessively thick oxide scale and products that cannot be pickled. Then use compressed air to remove rust and dust. Reduce the large loss of degreasing and rust removal liquid, avoid the loss caused by over-processing of the workpiece, shorten the chemical treatment cycle, and improve the service life of the treatment liquid. The pretreatment degreasing should be scrubbed with a fully diluted degreasing agent, and organic solvents are strictly prohibited to avoid contamination of the degreasing tank liquid and the timely formation of a protective film of organic solvent solids on the surface, which will affect the degreasing quality.

After the prototype is made, if it needs to be painted, it should be noted that the workpiece formed by SLA laser is not suitable for surface high-gloss treatment, because the material used in SLA is a photosensitive resin, and the adhesion to the paint is not very good. The gloss is not very good. CNC-processed workpieces, including PP and POM materials, are not suitable for surface painting, and the materials do not have adhesion to paint. Before painting, sandpaper should be carried out. There are several types of sandpaper, including coarse sandpaper and fine sandpaper. The workpiece can be polished while soaking in water. Then sand with finer sandpaper. Then you can sandblast and spray the bottom ash. If the surface is high-gloss, it needs to be sanded more finely, and then spray a layer of primer for sanding.

The above is the relevant introduction of the spray painting of Shenzhen prototype manufacturers. Formal and reliable manufacturers have their own standards for dealing with these details, and provide customers with quality-assured prototypes. If you want to find a Shenzhen prototype manufacturer, please contact the Xiehe prototype manufacturer: +86 13682610409, a strong manufacturer, trustworthy.


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