Employee education and training system summary
Date: 2022-01-05
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Employee education and training system summary

1. The purpose and purpose of education and training:

1.1 Develop human resources, improve the overall quality of employees, cultivate and deliver outstanding employees with both political integrity and talent for various positions, and realize the company's strategic goals.

1.2 Education and training system: The training system consists of three parts: pre-job training for new employees, on-the-job training for employees and self-improvement training for employees. Any form of training should be filed with the company's personnel department.

1.2.1 Pre-employment training: New employees should receive pre-job training organized by the company's personnel department after they are hired and reported to understand the company's culture, business objectives and organizational structure, company rules and regulations, and company processes, job responsibilities, working environment and working conditions as soon as possible. , employees to grasp the essentials of work and work procedures, methods, to achieve work quality standards as soon as possible, to complete or achieve the responsibilities required by the post.

1.2.2 On-the-job training: The purpose is to improve and perfect the skills of employees, so that they have various talents and higher work ability, create conditions for job adjustment, rotation and future promotion; reduce mistakes, accidents and complaints in work occurrence, reduce the damage caused by mistakes, enhance service quality, improve business skills; improve the enthusiasm and cooperation spirit of employees, and establish a good working environment and working atmosphere.

1.2.3 Post-professional external training: In order to improve employees’ business skills and management level or to meet the government’s requirements, the company arranges external training for employees in a timely manner. Employees who are organized for external training (except government mandatory training) must sign a training agreement with the company in advance , Work for at least one year after the training, the certificate obtained from the training, the two sides negotiate and control; the employees who have accepted the training fee provided by the company should resign before the expiration of the agreement. Protocol processing.

1.2.4 After the external training of employees, they should first serve as backup candidates for internal lecturers and pass on the knowledge they have learned to other employees of the company.

1.2.5 After the external training, employees should submit their experience report and work improvement plan in order to evaluate and track the training effect.

1.2.6 The training must have complete and standardized teaching materials and training registration records. The company-level pre-employment training and on-the-job training shall be organized and implemented by the personnel department, and the department-level pre-employment training and on-the-job training shall be organized and implemented by each department. No formalities are allowed, and they are subject to the supervision and guidance of the Personnel Department.


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