Date: 2022-02-22
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Confidentiality Summary
1. Scope of external confidentiality: customer products, customer orders and order contracts, marketing plans, procurement information, pricing policies, undisclosed financial information, purchase channels, production and sales strategies, the bottom bid in bidding and the content of the bidding document, etc.
2. Scope of internal confidentiality: including technical solutions, engineering designs, circuit designs, processes, technical indicators, computer software, databases, test results, drawings, samples, prototypes, models, operation manuals, technical documents, obligatory correspondence involving trade secrets, etc. Wait.
3. Commitment to customers: perform the obligation of confidentiality to the outside world in accordance with the legal provisions and the items agreed with the customer, and assume the relevant responsibility for the leakage of the customer's secrets.
4. The above documents, records and business-related information are highly confidential. Whether during or after an employee's probationary period, to anyone other than the company or to other employees not directly related to their position, to disclose the company's customers or the company's affairs is detrimental to the company's interests and violates the Confidentiality system, will be held accountable.


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