A brief analysis of effective methods to improve machining accuracy for five-axis machining of impellers
Date: 2024-04-10
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A brief analysis of effective methods to improve machining accuracy for five-axis machining of impellers

We already know that the impeller is a key component of water pumps, steam turbines, hydraulic turbines, propellers and other devices, and it is also an important part of my country's turbine machinery. At present, this technological achievement has been widely used in industrial and aviation fields. Below, the editor will bring you more knowledge about five-axis impeller processing.

The impeller profile is composed of a complex three-dimensional free-form surface, which requires high geometric accuracy and high technical difficulty. The front semi-open impeller is the most commonly used impeller type. It is mainly used to transport liquids containing solid particles, fibers and other suspended matter. It has a certain sealing effect and is widely used in centrifugal pumps in the refining and chemical industry.

The traditional impeller processing method has certain limitations. It uses different blanks for the blades and the hub, and then the blades are welded to the hub after they are processed separately. It is easy to damage the welding joint, and the thermal stress caused by welding causes deformation, easy to produce false welding, and the welding shrinkage is difficult to accurately control, resulting in geometric changes in the impeller flow channel formed by early machining, resulting in flow channel accuracy errors and affecting the overall performance. The mechanical characteristics and service life of the machine will not only consume man-hours, be inefficient, but also affect product quality. Therefore, some researchers subsequently adopted the method of processing impellers on five-axis machining centers to improve processing efficiency, processing quality and accuracy. The steps can be summarized as: clamping, alignment, rough machining, impeller semi-finishing, and impeller finishing. The most significant feature is the use of PowerMILL to provide five-axis linkage solid cutting simulation functions, dynamically simulating the motion relationships of each axis and mechanism of the machine tool during the five-axis machining process.


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