A brief analysis of the difficulties in machining process of five-axis impeller and integral impeller
Date: 2024-04-12
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A brief analysis of the difficulties in machining process of five-axis impeller and integral impeller

The overall impeller design has strong integrity. Compared with other split impeller structures, it achieves the organic unity of the hub and blades. It is currently mainly used in the industrial and aviation fields. Integral impeller machining also belongs to the category of five-axis impeller machining, but it indirectly improves the manufacturing performance of the software and at the same time further ensures the overall machining accuracy of the parts. More knowledge about five-axis machining of impeller and integral impeller will be introduced to you by the editor below.

Difficulties in five-axis machining of impeller and integral impeller machining process:

Five-axis machining impeller The three-dimensional integral impeller has a complex shape, and the blades mostly have straight-grained surfaces and are non-deployable and twisted, and can only be processed by machine tools with five-axis coordinates or above;

Five-axis machining of the overall impeller has a small space between adjacent blades, and the passage becomes narrower in the radial direction as the radius decreases. Therefore, when processing the impeller blade curved surface, it is very easy for the tool and the blade to be machined to interfere with each other. The problem of interference between the tool and adjacent blades;

Due to the thin thickness of the overall impeller blades of the five-axis machining impeller, there is a serious elastic-plastic deformation problem during the machining process;

There are many constraints when planning impeller tool positions for five-axis machining, and it is difficult to automatically generate interference-free tool position trajectories.

In recent years, due to the development of five-axis machining impeller technology, traditional impeller machining technology has been integrated with CNC machining technology. The overall impeller CNC machining technology can ensure that the flow path meets the diameter of the tool, and the method of cutting around the blade can also be used to avoid the appearance of the blade. In the case of deformation processing, it also solves the problem of knife marks on the blades, killing three birds with one stone. If there is a subsequent problem that the tool cannot pass through, technicians will need to use segmented processing or multiple clamping methods to further solve the problem.

In addition, the CNC technology for five-axis machining of impellers and integral impeller machining can better identify whether there is a tool passing through the flow channel between the blades. The root position of the two blades can be selected as the distance analysis point, and this can be used as the tool tip point to select the appropriate Knives, to explore.


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