Xiehe - Proposal
Date: 2021-07-25
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Xiehe - Proposal

To all colleagues of Xiehe:

Owning and creating beautiful homes is a dream we have achieved or are pursuing. When we go back to our hometown and enjoy a happy life with our family; when we are meticulous and conscientious in our work; when we have dinner together and K-song carnival in our spare time, you know: July 18, Typhoon "Wilmason" with a super strong maximum wind force of 18.6 hit Wenchang, Hainan. In the villages where the typhoon passed, the roofs of private houses were torn off, some houses even collapsed, and the houses were in a mess. Trees and crops were blown down by the typhoon. The residents of Wenchang caused huge losses, and our colleague: Wengtian Village, Wenchang's hometown, Han Ming, was hit by the disaster. The roof tiles of his house were overturned and the walls were overturned... We know that Han Ming's family is just as ordinary and not rich as ours. His mother takes care of her elderly grandparents at home and can no longer make time to earn money. Qian, the younger brother is still in college, and the expenses of the six people are all on Han Ming and his father. At present, the construction of the house is undergoing the test of the family's financial difficulties.
Dear colleagues, the Xiehe team is a team that can overcome difficulties regardless of rain or shine, and it is also a team of friendship, family harmony and harmony. In the big family of Xiehe, "loyalty, gratitude, innovation and hard work" guide each Xiehe person to move forward step by step. The typhoon is ruthless, there is love in the world, one plus ten, ten plus one hundred, ten plus one hundred million, let's have a loving gathering for the families of Xiehe disaster-affected employees!

We propose, please extend your hand, donate no matter how much, and donate in no particular order. It is intended to express priceless love and stronger friendship! When one party is in difficulty, all parties support, give roses to others, and the hand has a lingering fragrance. As long as all of us give a little love, even if it is a prayer from the heart, it will become the power of love - to erase the trauma caused by the typhoon to Han Ming and his family, so that the disaster-stricken home can be supported as soon as possible. Beautiful blue sky.

If you would like to donate, please follow the steps below to show your love:
1. The principle of voluntary is adopted, and the amount is not limited.
2. The donation activity will be officially launched from now on. We are scheduled to hold a donation ceremony in the conference room on the third floor of the company at 17:30 on July 26th. The donation activity will continue until the end of August 1st;
3. We will promptly send your donation to Han Ming's family by transfer or other means;
4. We will announce the roster of donations at the appropriate time, bearing in mind your care;
We sincerely thank you for your selfless help and timely delivery of love!

Finally, I wish Han Ming and his family members and even the disaster-stricken compatriots in Hainan to complete the construction of their homes as soon as possible! ! ! ! ! !


July 25th



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